Monday, January 17, 2011

Revolution 2011


1. You Haven't Seen The Last of Me (Ranny's Club Mix) - Cher
2. Where Is The Love (Original Mix) - Abel Ramos ft. Rozalla
3. C'mon Get Funky (Rosabel Phat Mix) - Ralphi Rosario & Abel Aguilera vs. TaMar
4. Predator (Manny Lehman Club Mix) - Julissa Veloz
5. Feel the Music (Deep Influence Anthem Mix) - Kathy Brown
6. Twist of Love (DJ Ranny & Bryan Reyes Remix) - Kimberly Davis
7. Destination (Edson Epic Pride Mix) - Tony Moran & Ultra Nate
8. Do It Again (Trent Cantrelle, Manufactured Superstars & J Quintel Remix - Razor N Guido
9. We Can Work This Out (Manny Lehman Big Room Mix) - Edson Pride & Kynt
10. Xtatic (Nick Harvey Club Mix) - Junior Vasquez Ft. John Michael
11. Bollywood (Original Circuit Anthem) - DJ Seth Cooper

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Podcast: Revolution 2011 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Twist of Love is amazing! I LOVE Kimberly Davis!!! :-)

Monir Sider said...

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